Thai Yoga Massage

I now offer Thai Yoga Massage.  Details of this wonderful treatment are below.  Phone or email to book.  Treatments at your home or my treatment Tattenhall, Cheshire.

Treatments cost £45 for 1 hour, £60 for 1 hour 30 mins and £70 for 2 hours.

Thai Yoga Massage – also known as Nuad Boraen or Traditional Thai Massage – is a unique and powerful healing art that has been an integral part of traditional Thai medicine for thousands of years.  It is a truly wonderful experience, releasing energy blockages, promoting circulation and increasing flexibility and overall wellbeing.

Thai Yoga Massage blends elements of acupressure, yoga, reflexology, physiotherapy and massage techniques. It is a holistic therapy, treating the whole individual. The primary aim is to restore and balance the body’s energy system, which comprises of a multitude of energy lines that run through the body. These energy lines are part of many Eastern healing traditions, and in the West the Chinese acupuncture meridians are the most well-known. Thai Yoga Massage therapists work on 10 main meridians to ensure optimum health and wellbeing.

The benefits of Thai Yoga Massage are countless. By freeing the flow of vital energy in the body, treatments can improve posture, breathing, flexibility, digestion and circulation. Muscles are stretched, inner organs toned, and emotional and nervous tension is reduced. Often a deep sense of peace can be experienced during and after a treatment. It can also be of great therapeutic benefit for a range of specific problems and conditions, such as headaches, back pain, digestive disorders, shoulder and neck tension, joint pain, menstruation problems, insomnia and other stress related conditions.

Thai Yoga Massage is done on a firm futon or mat on the floor with the patient dressed in light clothes. Typically a session lasts between 1 – 2 hours, but can also be longer if needed.

The practitioner uses his or her thumbs, palms, elbows, knees and feet to apply a combination of acupressure, gentle rocking and twisting, joint and spine mobilizations and assisted yoga stretches.  The therapist uses bodyweight instead of strength and creates a steady and meditative rhythm of pressure.